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Wallaba Square Posts – Forever 4 x 4 Posts

Guyana is home to a prized tropical hardwood known as Wallaba, which grows in abundance throughout the country. Its strength and durability are world-renowned. Wallaba posts are excellent for freshwater and exterior ground contact applications. Wallaba wood is commonly used for fencing, transmission posts, roofing shingles, railings, decorative posts and beams.

With a renewed focus on keeping animal habitats, crops and farm animals free from hazardous chemicals, Wallaba posts are a perfect product to help accomplish the task.

Like other tropical hardwoods, Wallaba is durable and strong, with an approximate weight of 65 lbs. per cubic foot. The wood is three times stronger than southern yellow pine and is easier to cut than other hardwoods, making the installation process less challenging

With a high resistance to moisture, insect infestation, and decay, Wallaba wood is unparalleled. The tropical hardwood can fight off insects and decay without the use of preservative chemicals, which helps to ensure that animals and vegetation will not be subjected to hazardous chemicals,

In addition to being an environmentally friendly timber, Wallaba wood is harvested in a sustainabie manner which is enforced by the Guyana Forestry Commission to ensure forest preservation. In the manufacturing of Wallaba posts, the country’s objective to preserve tree crops for future generations is carried out.

Industries: Residential and Commercial

Applications: Fencing, Transmission Posts, Railings, Decorative Posts and Beams, Animal Habitats, Agricultural Uses

We are selling these 4 x 4 x 9’ posts for $45/each in lots of 10. More pieces would cost less. We have a limited amount so come in now to secure your lot.

Wallaba Hardwood Lumber