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Tiete Chestnut/Sucupira

Tiete Chestnut/Sucupira pre-finished flooring

Tiete Chestnut, known as Sucupira, is a great combination of the exotic and the useful as it is a stunning wood that can easily stand up to a large amount of traffic.
• This Brazilian wood has rich red-brown, chocolate-brown, or light brown heartwood with whitish tones and high luster. Sucupira possesses a medium to coarse texture with an interlocked grain, and with its dark warming tones would make a wonderful warm and inviting floor!
• Tiete Chestnut-Sucupira-pre-finished 3/4 x 3 /483 sq ft-$3.95 sq ft
• Tiete Chestnut -Sucupira-pre-finished 3/4 x 3 1/4/568 sq ft $3.95/sq ft