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Teak Deck Tables & Accessories

Elegant and forever Mahogany rich colored Red Balau extension Table.


7'x43"-extended(pictures shown are extended)

$599/each(retail $1275)

Benefits of Red Balau Exterior Furniture 

It is resistant to wood shrinkage and splintering
It is highly durable and sustainable
Requires low-maintenance
Good quality furniture with all the qualities of Teak
It can withstand extreme weather conditions
It is resistant to decay, molds and insect attacks
Cannot be easily worn-out by fire


3 pieces remaining.

Solid Teak"Flower Box"

9 units left...$159/each

Incredibly beautiful flower box for garden lovers!


Solid Teak "Peanut Table"-


3 units left


New Teak Tables and Accessories at lowest prices around!

The request for teak furniture here at Scrounger’s is always constant so we decided it was in everybody's best interest to bring these in.

Listed below is our inventory but call to make sure that our inventory and this ad stack up the same.

******Restaurants and Caterers highly welcomed for bulk purchases.******

A little history on teak furniture and some facts that make teak tables and accessories the "go to" product when making an outdoor or classic table purchase:

Teak is originally from the teak tree with the Latin name Tectona Grandis. The teak tree is common in Southeast Asia but in recent years many have been planted on plantations on various continents on the planet . Teak is a hardwood that is particularly hearty in different types of climates making it suitable for shipbuilding and for furniture. [1] Teak furniture can remain outdoors in any climate year-round and can be left unfinished or protected. Plantation Teak Wood can be considered eco-friendly due to its expected long life. To ensure the reduction of impact teak furniture adds to the environment, many forestry companies produce sustainably managed teak plantations. This offering is such!

In places and seasons where eating outdoors is frequent and pleasant, it is common to find wooden dining tables and chairs in gardens, backyards, deck areas, patios, pool yards and sun rooms. Teak is an excellent material for this application because it will not break down in the sun like plastics, it is less prone to the elements like other woods, it is lighter and cooler than iron, and will not easily bend or break like tubular metals.

TEAK IS WEATHER RESISTANT. An outstanding feature of teak outdoor furniture is its ability to withstand all types of weather. It is one of the few woods in the world containing a natural oil which repels water, keeping it from warping, cracking or becoming brittle. Teakwood can withstand the damage from the sun as well as from the ocean. It is due to these characteristics that people around the world have invested in teak outdoor patio furniture as well as indoor furniture. This durability and beauty of the wood are some of the reasons why teak is expensive.


Wash teak pieces with soap and water and a soft bristle brush; allow to dry.

Apply a teak brightener to restore the original color then rinse.

Apply a UV blocking teak sealant and allow to dry.

The teak sealant should maintain the original color of the wood for about one year.


Thanks for reading about this classic product that will be around a lot longer than you ever imagined!

"Peanut Table" - 48" x 24" - @ $190 each
Double Small Table (grade A) - 35" x 17" x13.5"tall - @ $150 each

Octagonal Folding Table/Solid Teak (Grade A )– 4’ x 29 1/2" tall - @ $195 each

Multiple unit reduction on price.

48” Round Table, @ $300 each
47” Round Sunshine Design Folding Table, @ $285 each
47 1/2” Round Folding Table - @ $285 each
Small Bistro Table, 27 1/4” x 27 1/4” x 29 1/2” - @ $175 each
Large Bistro Table, 43 1/4” x 27 i1/2” x 29 1/2” - @ $250 each
Mission style Coffee Table with bottom shelf, 35 1/2” x 17 1/2” x 13 3/4” - @ $190 each

Solid Teak Basura Garbage Bin – approximately 30 gallon (Thick Grade A ) - 28" x 28" by 44" to 50" tall

Nice and heavy - Keep the smelly stuff looking good while keeping the bears out!

Large side opening to remove inside receptacle you provide.

@ $399 each. Buy the remaining four in stock and get a GREAT deal!!

These are THE lowest prices for new teak furniture around.