Guatambu Wood / Brazilian Maple / Pau Marfim / Brazilian Ivory wood

​Guatambu is a species from the temperate forests of Paraguay /Brazil that has mechanical properties superior to those of hard maple.  For this reason it is a perfect substitute for maple in the manufacture of steel-ruled dies.
We also sell it in edge glued panels that make counter tops easy to put down.
Our customers enlighten us as how they build up along the edges with other woods to give the effect of a thick Butcher Block for a fraction of the cost.
Customers also use some of our guatambu blanks for the process of making cutting boards
with beautiful contrasting colors....any wood looks exemplary when placed next to this Ivory colored wood!

Spanish Cedar - $6.50 Per Board Ft

Purple Heart is back in boards and unbelievable slabs.

Prices now starting at $6 a board foot.

If you’re looking to buy bulk, there’s no telling what sort of deal Mark will make.

Southern Yellow Pine


  • $1.00 per Linear/ft

Length: 12'

Cumaru -Wood of the species Dipteryx odorata is most commonly called Cumaru among most woodworkers, though it is sometimes referred to as Brazilian Teak as well:
Cumaru is also called by the name Tonka Bean, and the tree is commonly cultivated for its vanilla-cinnamon scented seed—the tonka bean—which contains a chemical compound called coumarin.(original chemical formula basis for "Coumadin" )
Cumaru lumber is extremely stiff, strong, and hard, lending itself well to a variety of applications. It is sometimes used in place of the much more scarce Lignum Vitae or now more popular Ipe.

Burmese Teak Pieces


African Mahogany / Khaya

We are direct importers of Bolivian Rosewood/we search all around Bolivia
trying to secure this incredibly beautiful wood.
We offer "Morado"Bolivian Rosewood at:
All dimensions:
$10/bd ft
We have :
4/4,6/4,8/4 and slab stock!
It is the only South American Rosewood (substitute)that is not yet illegal or controlled to export.
We feel it could happen at any time .
We keep our inventory stocked up specifically for this reason.
Check out the photos of this unique and beautiful wood!

Morado, also known as Santos rosewood and Bolivian rosewood is a fine textured dark colored hardwood. When finished it resembles East Indian rosewood although Morado has a greater color range. It is very popular in both veneer and lumber for fine furniture and architectural is said to be the closest to Brazilian Rosewood in all qualities (that is now illegal 
to import).
Guitar makers go coo-coo when they see this wood and hear of the Scrounger's price


Scrounger's Paradise

Where high class goods from all over the world - are always a deal

Honduras Genuine Mahogany​​

This lost was found by Mark in a warehouse in Mobile, Alabama and he felt that it had been there almost 25 years.  This is the real McCoy / the genuine Hondura Mahogany, and is illegal to import or export out of the United States.  Guitar makers / dulcimer makers / and other stringed instrument makers have been buying this for the last 12 months from Scroungers.  Don't miss out on this unique lot of true genuine Honduras Mahogany.

  • 6/4 - $10.00 per board/foot

  • 8/4 - $12.00 per board/foot

  • 10/4 - $12.00 per board/foot

  • 12/4 - $15 per board/foot

Cedrela odorata is the most commercially important and widely distributed species in the genus Cedrela. Known as Spanish cedar in English commerce, the aromatic wood is in high demand in the American tropics because it is naturally termite- and rot-resistant. An attractive, moderately lightweight wood (specific gravity 0.4), its primary use is in household articles used to store clothing. Cedro heartwood contains an aromatic and insect-repelling resin that is the source of its popular name, Spanish-cedar (it resembles the aroma of true cedars (Cedrus spp.) Cedro works easily and makes excellent plywood andveneer and would be more widely used if it could be successfully plantation grown. This plant is often used for honeyproduction (beekeeping) and humidor construction. It is occasionally used for tops or veneers on some kinds of electric guitars. The wood is the traditional choice for making the neck of flamenco and classical guitars.


Sapele Mahogany


​Genuine Honduras Mahogany Seed Lumber (Grown in the Phillippines)

  • ​4/4" / 5/4" / 6/4" in Various widths - $4.50 / BD. FT.​

Brazilian Maple / Guatambu

​Versatile Brazilian Maple (Guatambu) Panels

We are now restocked and ready to roll again with these versatile Brazilian Maple panels, also known as Guatambu. We have sold over a thousand of these panels to date and are glad to have them again in stock.

Guatambu is comparable to Hard Maple for workability and has a generally straight grain, dense with fine uniform texture that works beautifully and even carves like a charm. It is an excellent turning wood, very strong with excellent wear properties.

Uses: Boat building, canoes, cabinet making, furniture, flooring, molding, paneling, stair rails, and much, much more. You are only limited by your imagination!

Most have been utilizing these panels as butcher blocks and as trimming around edges with the same panel pieces to give depth and size.

Our pricing is very affordable:

40 x 40 = $25.00
36 x 40 = $23.00
24 x 40 = $15.00
16.5 x 40 = $10.00
28 x 40 = $8.00
12 x 40 = $8.00

By the way, don't forget our Guatambu sticks which are perfect for cutting boards or even staircases.

Black is back in and Exotic Wenge is the Ticket! 

Look up this article that appeared in a recent copy of the New York Times.

Then come on in and see beautiful steamed Wenge.

Millettia laurentii is a legume tree from Africa and native to the Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. The species is listed as "endangered" in the IUCN Red List, principally due to destruction of its habitat and over-exploitation for timber. [1] Wenge, a dark colored wood, is the product of Millettia laurentii. Other names sometimes used for Wenge include African rosewood (ambiguous), Faux Ebony, Dikela, Mibotu, Bokonge, and aAwong. The wood's distinctive color is standardized as a "Wenge" color in many systems.

We have over 2,000 bd ft of Wenge for sale! ($9.50 bd ft (less than 8" wide)

Come see us and get right with the times!

Exotic Lumber


*** Best Seller for Natural Fireplace Mantels ***

​$7.00 Per Board/Foot

Call Mark for Pricing and Availability

Bolivian Rosewood/Morado


​Genuine Mahogany

  • $4.50 Per Board/Foot

​Its color, texture and grain give it a very close resemblance to classic Honduras Mahogany. Relatively hard and works well aside from the woolly surfaces that sanding produces; highly lustrous and polishes well; very durable wood. The color of African Mahogany is Light pink to reddish-brown or golden tan-brown.

African Mahogany(Khaya): Normal pricing depending on width - approx. $6 to $9/bd ft

****Bulk Pricing:
100 bd ft-(7' or less)-$3.99/Bd Ft
200 bd ft-(7' or less)-$2.99/BdFt
300 bd ft-(7'or less)-  $2.75/BdFt