Portable Greenhouses

Portable Greenhouses for those that need small areas to grow!

These are great for those that need a little space to:

-Suitable for all sheltered positions such as patios, balconies, etc.
-most with removable covers with roll up zipped from panels for easy access.
-umbrella type for instant fold out protection from freeze, hard rain, etc!

Great Holiday gift idea! Finally, something you can give your wife or husband that they will love and they can use!

Great idea especially for these parts of North Carolina.

Especially around these North Carolina parts.

Limited supplies-just in!

Portable Greenhouse 1(Pop up Greenhouse)/$39
2'3"x1'6"x 5' High

Portable Greenhouse 2(Pop up Greenhouse)/$29
5'11"x 3' x3'H

Portable Greenhouse 3(Pop up Greenhouse)/$28
2'3"x1'6" x 4' High

Portable Greenhouse 4(Pop up Greenhouse)/$19
2'7" x 2'7" x 2'10"High

Portable Greenhouse 5(Pop up Greenhouse)/$29
6' x 3' (28"to 19")

Ground Pegs/$15-set of 4

Portable Greenhouse-umbrella protector 6/$10
See photos

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