Mahogany Patterns

Amazing/Industrial Mahogany Patterns/Huge/Industrial Art

We recently were sold a very large lot of industrial patterns that were once very important in industrial America.

We had been looking at this large lot for over 20 years…..they finally relented and sold us this exceptional lot of what we know or refer to as industrial art. Some of these pieces are huge… a lot were made from “pattern genuine mahogany”.

This is as eclectic and bizarre as it gets. If you did not know that these beautiful pieces were made of wood you’d bet big time that they were all metal!

We have 2 containers here now in Asheville.

Excuse the 70 years of dirt that came along with the deal….we will be cleaning them up! It’s all for sale and we will negotiate on large purchases. Some of these surely belong in museums….. we’re selling them to the creative community here in Asheville. Be surprised and intrigued by this unusual slice of industrial America.

They surely do not make these anymore. We approximate these were made in the 40’s and 50’s.

They can be transformed into furniture/wall hangings/anything that a creative mind can imagine as these pieces belong in artistic communities.


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