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Itauba Decking – An Affordable Ipe Alternative

Itauba trees, of the lauraceae family, are known as “Stonewood” and found mostly near the Brazilian Amazon. Itauba is a very hard and dense wood (high silica content), and highly weather, bacteria, and pest-resistant. This durability makes it perfect for outdoor decking and structures, furniture-building, shipbuilding, doors, and indoor flooring as well.

Itauba looks like ipe but costs less and is easier to install, although tipped cutting tools, such as a stilted saw for cutting, makes it easier. The lighter-colored boards will darken over time and become darker – similar to ipe.

Itauba is mostly sold in Europe, and the Japanese cannot buy enough of it.

We have 5/4 x6 Edge Groove Itauba decking for sale here at Scrounger’s.

We love it because:

**It is cheaper than Ipe!

**It will not kill your tools!

**It will probably still be your deck long after you are gone!

**It is gorgeous and if you did not know that it was Itauba, you’d swear it was Ipe.

 We are selling 5/4 x 6 Edge Groove (almost 1” (15/16”) x 5 3/8”) at below the 1 x 6 Edge Groove Ipe price.

It’s a steal at $3.50 per LFt.

Remember this is very similar to Ipe decking but sells about $1.10 less a Lft than a comparable size of 5/4 x 6 Ipe Edge Groove.

We have approximately one truckload left.

It will go fast!

It’s always a good idea to call for current availability and/or pricing @ 828-808-3617.