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Flor de Soto

For those that have been bugging me for the past 3 or more years to sell the “Flor de Soto,” I wanted to alert you that we have been selling them now for almost two months.  I have attached a few photos of those that wanted to secure piece(s)of what we have found out to be some of the most beautiful and rare pieces of natural wood on the planet!

We do not know how these pieces end up as they are but we do know that everyone that sees them has never seen anything like this anywhere in their travels or in their research or investigations.
First of all, for those that have not seen these incredible pieces at Scrounger’s, let me begin by sharing with you that this journey of confusion but surprises began in Bolivia when I first saw them and decided that I had to have them regardless of price.  I was stunned to say the least and even until now.  There are but a few souls on the planet that have any info on these unique creations by nature.  Everyone that sees them begins by asking the story and then by asking the name and so forth. 

I have retold the story of their origin as well as what some people think but in reality it is all conjecture at best.  It is not a root based “burl” but rather a response within a tree that is situated on a branch or end of a branch of a tree that is known as a Soto tree.  This Soto tree which is known as a Schinopsis specie of tree is very large and probably contains up to 3,000 branches or more at maturity.  Those there in the know proclaim a ratio of one “Flor de Soto “piece for every 1500 Soto trees.  This is hard to believe but there are few Flor de Soto pieces around and even fewer persons to speak about them. 

We ran into a gentleman close to 90 years old who had been cutting down Soto trees  since he was 16 years old and made it a habit to put to the side what we now know as “Flor de “Soto” pieces.  He had in his possession twelve Soto pieces which I consequently purchased after much deliberation due to the high prices he asked.  If that is all he had then it works out to the discovery of one “Flor de Soto” piece every six years or so after milling Soto trees every day!

These are the original pieces I purchased and can be seen at our warehouse in Asheville, NC.  (We have sold 2 of the 12).  We also ran into another party that had been cutting down similar younger trees (smaller Soto trees) that sold me a few but these were smaller than our original twelve. 

They are all here in our warehouse and now for sale.

The pair of ladies that you see in one of the pictures with a “Flor de Soto” with a long stem literally forced me to sell this one and we decided to continue to sell them.  I really like them as you will as well but life goes on and you can’t take them with you---so let’s roll!

Thanks for reading and I hope if nothing else you enjoy the beauty of these pieces as well as everything else beautiful here at Scrounger’s.

By the way, the pieces you see here in the plethora of photos attached vary in price from $80 to $6,500 and all were sold to those handling them in the photos.  We have just begun this process of selling these unique items and like anything else that varies in texture/color/weight, etc.-there is much more here to please almost any taste!

Come and delight in things that you will never forget!

Like the song recently out from the great musical movie “The Greatest Showman”, A Million Dreams -- We love the words that follow:

“There’s a house we can build

  Every room inside is filled

  With things from far away

Special things I compile

Each one there to make you smile

On a rainy day”

See you soon at Scrounger’s!