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Cumaru is a forever wood.Bolivian Rosewood is a forever wood.
Folks have been stopping by Scrounger's (the place to look for unique woods)looking for a nice ,hefty,rustic,attractive piece of wood to enhance the rustic ambiance of their home!

They have either selected a piece of Exotic Bolivian Rosewood or a piece of rustic and dense Cumaru(Brazilian Chestnut)

Both woods are highly exotic and very desirable.
Both are "Forever"woods that will be heirloomed once identified.

Why pay a similar price or more for a run of the mill piece of local wood when you can get a coveted and exotic piece of either Rosewood or Cumaru!

We've attached photos of both the Cumaru and Bolivian Rosewood to give you an idea of price:

Cumaru:(all prices unfinished even though pieces may be finished in photos to allow you to see the 2 ways they will appear depending on your taste)

This is champagne Cumaru as oppossed to red Cumaru.)

The following prices and sizes are just examples.

The numerated pieces are actually in our warehouse and are for sale today. We have 100's of Mantels  available for sale, but  too numerous to list. Take a look at the photographs below as there are indicative of the dimensions  mentioned below

100" (Long)x8"(Wide)x3.25"(Thick)-$240

97"x8.5"x3 1/8"-$265



96 3/4"x6.25"x6.25"-$315


The finished (sanded pieces of Cumaru)in these photos are sold at prices that are unfinished(unsanded )
We do not finish (sand ) what you choose unless you prefer it that way and pay a premium to the unsanded Cumaru piece.
It is not a big difference but there is a difference.
Note:Most Cumaru Mantle purchasers choose unfinished Cumaru pieces.

Morado(Bolivian Rosewood)


116 1/2"x12 1/4"x2 1/4"-$326

These pieces are finished(sanded)so if you want a piece of Morado for a table or a mantle and pick one out the pile please ask how much more it would be for a sanded piece that has been cleaned up like the photos shown.

Morado Rosewood lumber sells for twice this at retail places that have it(if you can find it)
If you find it the dimensions will be smaller and heaven forbid if they would price pieces this big!

A local fireplace hearth dealer asked me to consign him the pieces at my prices and he said he
could move it all....I told him to .........

  Exotic Rustic

  Fireplace Mantels

One of a kind/Forever Wood!

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