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Scrounger’s Paradise now has decorative stone veneer from Modulo. Modulo has been engineering decorative stone veneer solutions for the homeowner since 1984. Modulo is the leader of its market and is the largest stone veneer producer in Europe.

 Modulo was the first in Europe to introduce the concept of a stone veneer that could be installed on an interior or exterior wall WITHOUT the help of a professional installer or mason. This installation concept is now the standard in the stone veneer market all over the world. The creativity and quality of Modulo products are what sets Modulo apart and what has given Modulo its reputation and success.

Modulo has a wide range of Interior/Exterior products that can add a decorative touch to your front porch or an accent to your interior walls. All the products suitable for Exterior can be installed as a fireplace surround and behind stoves. Stone should not be exposed to temperatures above 160°F for exterior products.

All products must be installed on a support that is dry and in good condition. Exterior products should be installed using mortar. Dependent upon what surface the exterior products will be applied to, a metal lathe and vapor barrier may be necessary. Installation instructions may vary upon application.

 Our Inventory:

Somerset --- 1049.49 sq ft

Devon – 349.7 sq ft      

Tintagel – 1033.44 sq ft    

Bolsover –

Borgo Blonde – 258.4 sq ft

Brasilia Anthracite – 193.68 sq ft

Brasilia Grey – 306.66 sq ft

Check out our LOW price: $1.85/sq ft for a 50 sq ft minimum purchase

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