Brazilian Walnut


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( Brazilian Walnut) Ipe is an incredibly durable and beautiful wood. More than just durable, Ipe is also very pleasing to the eye. Its heartwood is light to dark olive brown with contrasting yellowish-grey or grey brown tones accompanying it. With a Class A fire rating, Ipe occupies the same class of fire-retardant materials as steel. For durability, safety, and beauty, Ipe makes an excellent choice for a one of a kind floor!

1/Brazilian Walnut pre-finished 3/4 x 5" dark stained-559 sq ft-$4.25 sq ft

2/Brazilian Walnut pre-finished 3/4 x4" Natural -560 sq ft -$4.50 sq ft

3/Brazilian Walnut pre-finished 3/4 x5" Natural -536 sq ft-$4.50 sq ft