Brazilian Walnut Ipe Decking

Brazilian Walnut Ipe Decking is hot! New Load with inventory attached!

New lot of 1x6 EG (edge groove)
$3.60 lft. random selection
Inventory selection attached!

Never has so many people wanted the most coveted deck in the world than now!
Finally, after many years the world now knows that there is nothing on this planet that is as good as Ipe as an exterior deck or covered deck for:
-fire rating of cement
-sustainable forestry

We also have 5/4 x6 EG IPE $4.50 random

We also have 1/2" x5" IPE E4E (can span easily 12" if for decking)
but best use is for ceilings /walls/tops/skirts/$3/lft.

We have sold more Ipe this year than ever before.
Call us if you need Ipe or are just curious.

We have " Ipe " dimensions :

Also have sweet heart deals on European sized Ipe (best sizes)

We also have Edge Groove Ipe from Europe that we cannot find the clips for.
This may be the best quality Ipe we have ever seen, regardless of the lack of clips.
Will need to be fasten down from the top just like E4E Ipe.
We have these 2 sizes in amazing quality Ipe-European (Europeans demand much higher quality)
.823"x 4.75" (21mmx120 mm)6's to 20's-$2.95 lft
.823x5.7" (21mmx145mm)7's to 18's-$3.60 lft

Whatever your needs are in Ipe you need to come and visit or call Scroungers.
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to look at Scroungers and our products.

We love to cut deals!
We are a direct importer of Ipe.

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