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Brazilian Chestnut pre-finished lots

2 Lots of Brazilian Chestnut pre-finished flooring

1/815 sq ft of 3/4 x 5 -$4.25/sq ft
(Out of Stock)
2/466 sq ft of 3/4 x 4-$4/ sq ft
3/568 sq ft of 3/4x 3 1/4-$3.95 sq ft
• Description: 
• Cumaru, commonly called Brazilian Chestnut, is a hard and tough as well as dense wood imported from Brazil that has an irregular, somewhat interlocked grain and wavy texture. Because of its hardness (3300 Janka) it is very resistant to termites and decay. Cumaru's heartwood is a medium brown with distinctive tan shades that warms up a house!
• These lots are priced way below market prices and can be combined to extent footage!
• Other Names: Southern Chestnut, Brazilian Teak

Call for current availability and/or pricing @ 828-808-3617.


Brazilian Chestnut