Bead -Board and T1-11 Siding

Bead board is back at Scroungers Paradise!

Come and get it while we have it.

Exterior/interior Bead Board panels.

$26.00 per sheet

T1-11/Exterior Siding/RB&B/Rough Sawn/beautiful/Cheap!

We finally have this stock in our warehouse after a long but worthy trip from Southern Chile!

The Radiata pine that is made into these beautiful panels grows best in southern Chile.

Best T1-11 available anywhere!

This is also known as Rough Sawn Reverse Board and Baton (RB&B) and it is so beautiful and so durable for exterior siding.

It is in the warehouse now at Scroungers and looking to protect any of your exterior projects and also enhance its appearance.

Our Price: $29.50/sheet for 8" OC; Also, 5/8", 4' x 9' @ $40/sheet for 12" OC

You won't find a better price or better quality in any box store selling exterior siding of any kind!

We also have 3/8", 4' x 8' for $21/00 sheet

A better price and better quality than any box store selling exterior siding of any kind!


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