Albino Rhino Tiger Wood Flooring

​Albino Rhino Tiger Wood  -  3/4" x 2 1/4" 

Only a limited amount coming in.

"Albino Rhino Tigerwood" flooring (Goncalo Alves)

(Astronium Gravolens)-The real deal but lighter to accomodate the light but stronger markets!(as opposed to less dense and fragile floors like Pine and semi hard Oak types)

These are selected from darker and busier Tiger Wood lots to assure a less busy and totally warm and cozy feeling floor. Very Rustic but in a strong yet rugged and handsome appealing wood!

We sought this out in Brazil and could only come up with a limited supply.

You can do so much with this floor in reference to decorating with an endless pallet of colors that enhance the ambience of your home .It's a "can't lose" exotic that is so inviting to those that live there and those that visit. It sets a warm glow that relaxes everyone's mind.

Also check out our "Tiger Cherry" limited lot that is similar to Albino Rhino


They both will change the way you see a light floor.


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