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Northview Church would like to thank Scroungers Paradise for their kindness and generosity towards us. We were doing a remodel of our meeting space and Mark was kind enough to donate some amazing pieces that have transformed our building. They are beautiful and add so much to our space. Thank you so much for your generosity and willingness to help. It is always amazing to come in and see what new things you have from day to day. We recommend you to folks all the time.

Northview Church

Here are a few of our customer's Testimonials!

My sister Marsha and I recently visited Scrounger’s Paradise for the first time. Though the website touts itself as primarily a boon for construction jobs and fine woodworking, we had journeyed there on the advice of artist friends. It is truly an exotic and eclectic museum. Yes, the upscale construction materials such as antique Turkish doors and beautiful landscaping lapis lazuli ore from Afghanistan are a pleasure to view. At the same time, this venue is a wonderland of whimsical and sundry items to purchase at rock bottom prices: knock-off Crocs, books, and odds and ends of papers, etc. I left with a matchbox made to look like a book (I’m a book artist) and a McGuggey’s Eclectic Reader (rev. 1920 from the original 1879 version). We spent over an hour drifting through this amazing venue. An additional thrill and surprise was bathing in the beauty of art created by the owner, Mark Olivari (www.thecosmicdoodler.com). And, coincidentally, I just read in the Asheville Citizen Times that four of his large metal doodles will be exhibited at the Asheville Regional Airport from March 10 through June 25!!! If you’re looking for some wholesale shopping therapy that surprises and delights you, I highly recommend multiple trips to Scrounger’s Paradise. I doubt you will leave empty-handed.

Maria F.
Asheville, NC

Here are just a few of the extremely satisfied clients here at Scroungers Paradise.  As you can see we take pride in the wide array of products that we offer, and the finished masterpiece turns out to be absolutely beautiful.  We guarantee that you will be content with not only the finished product, but also the price that we're able to sell these high quality products at.  Mark Olivari is experience you can trust, and he will be with you every step of the way for any renovations or upcoming projects that you may have in mind.  ​

Hey Mark, my wife and I bought some odd & end pieces of hardwood flooring from you a couple of months ago. I can’t remember or pronounce most of the wood species that we bought but we mixed it with some Black Walnut that we already had and made a cutting board for a Christmas present. My wife arranges the colors and styles, I do the carpentry work. This is not our first wood project and when we make something we make it to last. This is not the usual 3/4″ flimsy store-bought cutting board, ours is about 3″ thick and very durable. We use food grade glue and seal it with a food grade oil, this makes it easy to refinish and they last for years, even with heavy use. The first picture is of the wood we started with and then one of the finished board. Thanks for the wood and we’ll be back for more!!

Andy & Kelly Kisner,
Marietta, SC

Hi mark as you can see the Epey Floor tuned out beautifully. The variation in color really makes a stunning impression. And my dog matches the floor too. Thanks!

R. Robertson

Asheville, NC

I live in Charleston South Carolina and drive all the way up to scroungers paradise because of their selection and pricing is unrivaled by any other supplier in my area. Anything from rare species to cabinet grade building material, they have wholesale pricing that I can't even get with my contractor discounts at my local suppliers.
It truly is a unique place when it comes to selection. If you are into any kind of specialty furniture projects or do any kind of high-end woodworking, they have wood species and dimensional lumber of sizes you cannot find anywhere else except for commercial suppliers from woodworking magazines.  The commercial suppliers in woodworking magazines charge about double what scroungers paradise does- and the benefit of scroungers is you get to walk in and look and feel everything to cherry pick the most square stock.
Mark, the owner, is very helpful and is willing to spend personalized time with the customer to find all of the right materials to fit their needs. He spent probably about an hour with me before I ended up making my purchases- name one store that would ever go to these lengths of customer service!  I only wish they were able to expand to my area- I'd be there at least once a week!

Garrett Schmelter

Charleston, SC

I wanted to take a moment to say how much I appreciated the cordial welcome you extended to my family the other day on our visit to your facility…..you treated my mother and father with great respect and you had nothing but kind words about my sisters you know from Binions. I will be sure to let others know about Scrounger’s Paradise and the warehouse full of items you have at reasonable prices…
I would like your permission to add your email to my auction mailing list in the chance that you might find something to your liking in one of our upcoming auction events.
Again, thank you for your warm hospitality.

Rob Hays


Just wanted to send you both a quick note to let you know that the flooring install is done and it looks great. I picked the wood up Monday afternoon and they finished installing 750sf by Wednesday with less than a half a box left over. Of the 36 boxes, there was one short piece that had a chip in it which is pretty remarkable and speaks to the quality of the lot. Everything is perfect with beautiful variations in the grains and coloring and it all fit together without a hitch.You now have a satisfied customer that would buy from you again and would recommend you to others. Thanks!

John Elwood 

If anyone needs large or small quantities of special woods, Scroungers Paradise is the place! The prices are unbelievably good and the selection is excellent.
For building a deck or installing floors or just working on small woodworking projects, it is the right place to get a good buy on good exotic woods.Mark Olivari and his staff are so friendly and accommodating. If you are like me, you will come back again and again!

Dewey Johnson

As promised, here are the photos I showed you today of the cuci froor that I installed that I bought from you. It weighs a ton but everone that sees it loves it.
PS. I’ll see you again in a few days to buy some of the wainscoating you have in stock.

T. Sanko

Yesterday was our first trip to Scroungers Paradise, and HOLY COW! what an undiscovered treasure trove! If you’re a sculptor or otherwise creative person, this is the place to go for materials and inspiration. If you’re a builder or finishing your own home, the possibilities for handsome and high-quality flooring and trim are endless. Interior designers, artists, pickers, preppers, and builders of all sorts should check this place out!  

S. Wilds

Not sure if this is still your email, but, if so, here's my Khabukalli deck with cedar railing and risers. One coat Messmers clear UV oil, four months weathering.
Feel free to use it, along with your other photos, if someone wants to know what it looks like.
Thanks, everybody loves the color.
Ed Pierson