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    UN- Finished Exotic Flooring

Blood Wood


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The flooring photos above is  just a small portion of what we have coming to Scrounger's.

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We have coming in:

Over 12,000 s/f of Brazilian Cherry

Over 3,000 s/f   of Santos Mahogany

​Over 3,000 s/f   of Blood Wood ( Botanical Name- Brosimum Paraerse )


                            Super Exotic ( Muirapiranga )

​This flooring will probably be sold like Pure Heart as Exotic Wood as well as Flooring ( Will sell 1 piece or quantity ) 

​Over 3,000 s/f  of Purple Heart ( Botanical Name- Peltogyne SSP )

​This flooring will also be used in part in the same way of the Blood Wood

​Over 4,000 s/f of Garapa --- All 5'' Beautiful and hard. It's like Ipe, but lighter. Can take a beautiful stain.

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Purple Heart