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               130,000 S/F

      Exotic Hardwood Flooring

               Pre- Finished



             Un- FinIshed



We just locked in an enormous amount of beautiful Pre- Finished and Un-Finished milled perfectly exotic lot of hardwood floors from Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Paraguay 12 TRUCKLOADS!!!!

After much travelling and investigating we found what you’ve ( us too ) have been looking for.

15,000 Sq/ Ft arrives next week

Another 115,000 Sq/Ft will be arriving during the months of June and July.

Species coming in:

Brazilian Cherry

Brazilian Walnut


Tiger Cherry

Garapa Mocha

Albino Rhino Tiger


Brazilian Redwood


Brazilian Tulipwood

Brazilian Bloodwood

Purple Heart


Brazilian Cumaru



All this and more !!!!

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There is a little wait but worth it to save a ton and have a unique hardwood floor that surpasses anything around here in density, beavity and longevity.

Stay tuned to Scrounger’s

Prices starting at $2.35 Sq/Ft

Unheard of pricing--- Must move all 12 containers--- YOUR GAIN !!!!!!

More pictures coming to show how beautiful these exotics are

Lots will be pre-sold once inventory is posted with pricing

Stay alert to further notices or call Mark O. 828-808-3617 to lock up some

treasures from South America !!!!!!

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