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Brazilian Maple/Guatambu

Happy clients with butcher block panels of Brazilian Maple/Guatambu!

Morado Treeode

Client with unfinished Morado,"Treeode".

Tigerwood Decking

Client loading large lot of beautiful and extremely durable Tigerwood Decking at Scroungers!

Cosmic Doodles in Nepal!

Check out these young students in Kathmandu coloring Cosmic Doodles with great joy!

Margie Miller, big P/R behind Scroungers own Cosmic Doodles, decided to see what these young students in Nepal thought of some recent Cosmic Doodler drawings done in black and white. We weren't sure if she was going to pull this off, but seeing is believing. Check out the expressions in these photos as these kids show faces of unexpected joy!

Ipe Edge Groove

Ipe 5/4x6 edge groove.  Beautiful stock!!! These shots are our stock!

Bears at Scroungers Paradise

Bears make sure customers heed "One Way" signs at Scroungers!  Better listen to them!

Artist in the making

Young artist "Beija"does not fall far from tree by being around thousands of doodles and paintings!


Russian Birch Panels for Art Exhibit

Check out prominent artist Mark Flowers purchasing Russian Birch panels from Scroungers for upcoming art exhibit!