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Ipe Decking / Brazilian Walnut Decking – BEST PRICES on East Coast!

Also:  Ipe Dimensional Lumber – Best prices around!
5/4″ X 8″, 10″, 12″, 4″ X 4″, 2″ x 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ – CHECK US OUT!

We also periodically purchase large lots of other Brazilian hardwood decking at INCREDIBLE PRICES!

What’s New?

Asheville PLYWOOD

Plywood with prices you can’t believe! Click Here!

Reduced! $33 - 3/4″ – Arauco Pine (Exterior) 4′ x 8′ (was $42) Must Move!

1/8″ – Meranti 4′ x 8′

1/8″ – Baltic Birch 5′ x 5′

3/16″ – Okume 4′ x 8′

1/4″ – Meranti 4′ x 8′

1/4″ – Red Oak 4′ x 8′

1/4″ – Birch 4′ x 8′ Prefinished

1/2″ – Birch 4′ x 8′

1/2″ – Arauco Pine (Exterior) 4′ x 8′

3/4″ – Birch (Paint and Cabinet) 4′ x 8′

3/4″ – Russian Birch 4′ x 8′

5/8″ – T1-11 4′ x 8′

3/8″ – Beadboard (Interior and Exterior) 4′ x 8′

1/2″ – Birch (Bendable) 4′ x 8′

1/2″, 3/4″ – MD Particle Board 4′ x 8′

3/8″ – Utility Plywood 48″ x 36″

3/8″ – Baltic Birch Pieces 12″ x 60″

Come and Get it!





Exotic Hardwood Flooring:

If you know exotic flooring and follow those markets, you will clearly see that our prices along with quality beat all prices around!  The reason?:  We are direct importers and travel frequently to assess and purchase large lots of exotic flooring and decking.  Usually all of these species that are offered herein are 25% to 50% higher elsewhere and possibly do not have the quality of our offered flooring.  With the rising local Domestic Woods prices, maybe it’s time to look at exotic flooring as an alternative.


Topographical Maps on Archival Paper (Forever!)

What a simple but impressive gift and for only $3.00!  Make a substantial impression for just pennies – a gift for the person who is proud of where they are from.  A piece of history that is no longer produced.  Topographical Maps on Archival Paper with fine details that will impress any friend or family member.  How thoughtful of a gift as opposed to the typical “get that Christmas present out of the way attitude”.

A $3.00 gift that will be looked at daily! And the giver will not be forgotten!

“When you go to paradise,
you can rest assured your wallet is relaxing too.”

Exotic Hardwood

  • Brazilian Cherry

  • Canary Wood

  • Brazilian Tiger Wood

  • Brazilian Maple

  • Brazilian Walnut

  • Patagonian Rosewood

  • Brazilian Chestnut

  • Patagonian Hickory

  • Great Deals On Odd Lots!!!!!!
    You can save up to 50% if you can catch us
    with the right square foot lot for your needs.


  • Italian Porcelain Tile

  • Marble Tile

  • Honed and Filled Travertine

  • Mosaic Tile

We have Headstalls, Harnesses, Collars,
Driving Sets and Dual Driving Sets

Exotic Hardwood

  • Brazilian Walnut ( Ipe )
    - Best Prices on the East Coast!

Discount Retail Store:

  • Jos. A. Bank Golf Shirts

  • Women’s Dresses

  • Purr by Katy Perry Perfume

  • Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass Perfume

  • Bal a Versaille’s Perfume

  • Ski Jackets

  • Lamps

  • Breeze Skin Care from Israel

  • Purses

  • Lancets

  • Kids Books

  • Stationery and Holiday Cards

Other Great Stuff:

  • 25 Man Life Rafts

  • Mahogany Patterns

  • Lapis Lazuli

  • Brass Hindu Statues

  • Jute Yarn

  • Uncut Lapidary Gems

  • Marble Columns

  • Marble Statues

  • Oil-less Air Compressors

  • Indian Brass Figurines

  • Wooden Statues and Art

  • Rugs

  • Artificial Plants and Vases

  • Furniture

  • Fabric

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  1. Great prices on lumber. Very reliable, friendly and knowledgeable. I’ll definitely be back. Thanks Mark.

  2. Went out of curiosity, discovered a creative homeowner’s dream come true!
    My husband and I have dozens of projects we want to do on our home and Scavengers has materials that raise the quality of our plans beyond anything we had imagined. Paul and Jim helped us find South American hardwood for a unique fence project, Ti-11 to side our garden building, a lovely marble slab for a garden bench, and several extraordinarily wide pieces of hardwood for our new kitchen countertop! Since we are doing these projects ourselves, we will be visiting Scavengers a LOT! Who knows what else we will find?…!

  3. I wanted to find out if you had any western red cedar. If so, what size and cost.