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Mon - Sat
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9 Hickman Dr.
Asheville, NC 28803
(Just North of I-40 on Sweeten Creek Rd.)

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African Mahogany Wood

Scroungers Alumn snatching 14'x14" piece of African mahogany....caught trying to get away before I changed my mind!(I didn't)

Customers purchasing African Mahogany at Scroungers Paradise - Asheville, NC

Mark is selling his artwork through his new website: Check out his prints on Etsy and eBay. Get a free piece of genuine Lapis Lazuli stone with every purchase - gem quality! Visit his site for more info.

Buy Cosmic Doodles on Etsy!

Recent Testimonial

Hi Mark

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the service you and your team provided to me when selecting hardwood flooring for my new home. We purchased the 3/4" solid Morado, and are extremely pleased with the quality. (I've attached a couple of photos from my studio.)

I look forward to my next purchase at Scrougers Paradise (whenever that may be).

All my best,
Carl Amoth

Exotic Quina Slabs

Two Scroungers Alumni pricing and admiring recent import to Scroungers: "Quina".

This wood form had never been imported into the USA until Scroungers had the kahunas to pull the trigger.

One lady on Saturday made this comment: "God had his hand in making this incredibly beautiful wood."

We agreed.

Only at Scroungers!!!

Brazilian Satinwood Slab Table

Danny Council (Scroungers' Alumnus) finished this beautiful Brazilian Satinwood slab from Scroungers for his daughter!

Super job!!!! How about inviting us over for dinner to break this gorgeous slab in?

Only at Scroungers!!!!!

Rustic Door on Rollers

Check out this rustic door on rollers! Made with rustic Genuine Mahogany from Scroungers Paradise!

New Climbmax climbing facility is clad in Scroungers birch plywood!

New Doodles from Mark Olivari

Find things to re-purpose at Scroungers Paradise!

Cindy Wynn's re-purposed furniture - material bought from Scroungers Paradise - Asheville, NC

Cindy Wynn has an artistic eye for re-purposing things, and she made the most of her time at Scroungers this weekend: check out this unique furniture she made with material bought at Scroungers.

Cindy also has a website! Check it out:

Spot some Scroungers Treasures in Downtown Asheville

Sovereign Remedies - Asheville, NC

My wife, daughter, and I were in Asheville yesterday and walked into the coolest vintage bar, Sovereign Remedies. We might as well have been in Paris! Charlie Hodge, the owner, greeted us and I immediately recognized him as a Scroungers Paradise alumnus. Now I understood why he purchased all that IPE, momoqui, and fabric – it was everywhere in his gorgeous place. What a nice place as well as the one of a kind reception with a smile we received.

Went down Walnut and peered in the next attractive window which was the side window of the gift shop at the new botique hotel “Desirant”. I look in the window and see such beautiful vintage gifts, paintings, etc., and lo and behold see a familiar exotic slab that has been converted to a most elegant and inviting countertop checkout area. I'm blown away! Another Scroungers unique treasure in downtown Asheville.

My wife reminds me as I'm feeling real good that across the corner from The Windsor Hotel is the Mellow Mushroom whose reception station is all made of Scroungers IPE.

Catch the Scroungers Fever and come visit us for your unique treasure!

See ya,

Exotic Brazilian Round Slabs Just In (and going fast!)

This incredible wooden slab of Brazilian Satinwood is this young lady's ultimate kitchen Island dream come true.

We have 5 left with this type design. (2 larger and 3 about the same size)

To have a slab with such a unique design is quite rare...... 99% of South American mills would never venture to cut a tree this way as their saws are intended to saw straight lumber, not rounded slabs.

Rounded slabs would have to be cut and fed perpendicular to the saw (which is the least profitable manner to cut logs - requiring twice the space and 3 times the man power!)

......and even if they could cut this way, there are very few trees that would yield this type of incredible slab in terms of circumference and oscillating patterns as you go around the perimeter.

All these factors make these desk/kitchen island/bar slabs some of the most unique slabs you will ever see or have a chance to purchase. These slabs we estimate to be approx 300 years old!

We also have a limited supply of Brazilian Satinwood cut normally if you wanted and island dinning room table combo - (wow!)

Limited supply ........only at Scroungers (prices vary on size and proportion)

By the look on this lady's face the price was right!

Take a Virtual Tour of Scroungers Paradise

In September, we had Google Maps come in and set up a virtual tour for us. Check it out here:

Brazilian lacewood slabs in the most beautiful and unique dimensions!

Perfect for the one-of-a-kind desk for the most eclectic and important person in the world!!!!!

Brazillian Lacewood Slabs - Thick Exotic Wooden Tabletop

These are up to 6" thick and can accommodate almost all the toys any high end executive has on their desk today.

We will try to finish one for the crowd, but that will sell much higher.

Slabs starting at $1500..... super cheap for such a unique and exotic piece of wood!

We have a few of these that just came in...... just imagine what type of tree and how many trunks made this happen. These slabs probably came from a tree that was over 300 or more years old!

Call Mark at (828) 808-3617 for more info.

Beautiful Khabukalli Deck - Wood Purchased from Scroungers!

Beautiful Khabukalli deck made with wood from Scroungers Paradise Beautiful Khabukalli deck made with wood from Scroungers Paradise Beautiful Khabukalli deck made with wood from Scroungers Paradise

New Updated Pricing on Un-finished Flooring at Scroungers!

Shocking New Prices at Scroungers on Flooring!

Scroungers just updated their pricing on Pre-finished flooring! Check it out:

Bead Board Is Finally In!

Aruaco(TM) Beaded Board Aruaco(TM) Beaded Board Aruaco(TM) Beaded Board

2"OC Arauco Bead Board is finally in and we're selling cheap!

  • it's exterior and interior
  • it's the best bead board in the world
  • it's radiata pine faces
  • it's so much better than the box stores and now cheaper.

In Quantity:

4x8 - $30

First come first serve .

You have been bugging me for over 6 months so here it is!!!!!!!!!

The Biltmore Inspirations Collection

Mark is selling these beautiful home decor items at incredible prices!  Come get your early Christmas shopping done at Scrounger’s – you never know what you’ll find here!
Blue  Ridge Pie Dish Set

Blue Ridge Pie Dish Set

List conard bowl

Lisa Conard Bowl

baking dish with stand

Olmstead Oak Baking Dish w/stand

jute wine totes

“Celebrate” Jute Wine Totes (2)

To see more Biltmore Inspirations photos, click here to view our full album, courtesy of Google Photos.


Purple heart has returned!

Purple heart is back in the warehouse in boards and unbelievable slabs.  Prices down from our last shipment. 1" thick, now starting at $6 a board foot!  


Looking to buy bulk? There’s no telling what sort of deal Mark may make.  


Call 828 808 3617 or come on down to Scrounger’s at 9 Hickman Drive.


FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRender


Asheville Ipe Decking

Buy Original Artwork
From Mark Olivari, Owner,
Scrounger’s Paradise!

Mark Olivari Prints for Sale

Archival Maps From United States Geological Survey

Ipe Decking / Brazilian Walnut Decking – BEST PRICES on East Coast!

Also:  Ipe Dimensional Lumber – Best prices around!
5/4″ X 8″, 10″, 12″, 4″ X 4″, 2″ x 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ – CHECK US OUT!

We also periodically purchase large lots of other Brazilian hardwood decking at INCREDIBLE PRICES!

What’s New?


20,000 LFT OF 1X6(3/4 X 5.5″) E4E IPE DECK BOARDS.

Just in: khabukalli Decking 5/4×6

Edge Groove(hidden fasteners)

Beautiful and a great south american hardwood alternative to ipe decking.
Starting at $3.00 lft!
Lengths now are 12′ thru 23′
A steal while supplies last!

Aspidosperma – slabs, lumber

Discounts on multiple pieces

Most pieces are approx 3″ thick and averaging 33″ to 36″ wide


Natural Edge

Unfinished – $5700 (40″ x 17’1″ x 2 1/4″)

Finished – $8100 (40″ x 17’1″ x 2 1/4″)

Squared Edge

Unfinished – $3100 – 16’9″ x 36″ x 2 1/4″ (sanded face)


Unfinished – $2500 – 48″ x 15’5″ x 2 1/4″

Unfinished – $2300 – 36″ x 17′ x 2 1/4″

Asheville Exotic Lumber – New Lumber!  Ipe, Cedar, Mahogany, Cumaru, Coffee Wood, and more!

Asheville PLYWOOD

Plywood with prices you can’t believe! Click Here!

White Birch 3/8" 4x8


White Birch 1/2" 4x8


White Birch 5/8" 4x8


Red Birch 3/4" 4x8


Birch 4/8" 26.5 ft (cut)


Birch 1/4" Pre-finished


Birch (Cabinet Grade) 3/4"


Birch 5/8" 28.5 ft (cut)


Oak (Cabinet Grade) 3/4"


Red Oak 1/2"


Birch (Exterior) 1/4"


White Birch (WPF) 1/4" 4x*


Peg Board 1/4"


Birch Bendable Plywood) 3/8"


Okume 3/16"


Luan (Exterior) 1/4"


Luan 1/8"


Meranti 1/8" 4x7


Birch 1/4" 4x4


Russian Birch 1/4" 4x4


Russian Birch (WPF) 1/2" 5x5


Russian Birch 1/4" 4x8


Luan 1/2" 4x8


White Birch (Pre-finished Double Sided) 3/4" 4x8


White Poplar (WPF-UViSD, Pre-finished on one side) 3/4" 4x8


Luan / Agathis 1/4" 4x8


OSB 7/16" 4x8


Birch 1/4" 4x8


Aruaco(TM) Beaded Boards (Exterior) - 3/8" x 4x8


Come and Get it!





Exotic Hardwood Flooring:

If you know exotic flooring and follow those markets, you will clearly see that our prices along with quality beat all prices around!  The reason?:  We are direct importers and travel frequently to assess and purchase large lots of exotic flooring and decking.  Usually all of these species that are offered herein are 25% to 50% higher elsewhere and possibly do not have the quality of our offered flooring.  With the rising local Domestic Woods prices, maybe it’s time to look at exotic flooring as an alternative.


Topographical Maps on Archival Paper (Forever!)

What a simple but impressive gift and for only $3.00!  Make a substantial impression for just pennies – a gift for the person who is proud of where they are from.  A piece of history that is no longer produced.  Topographical Maps on Archival Paper with fine details that will impress any friend or family member.  How thoughtful of a gift as opposed to the typical “get that Christmas present out of the way attitude”.

A $3.00 gift that will be looked at daily! And the giver will not be forgotten!

“When you go to paradise,
you can rest assured your wallet is relaxing too.”

Exotic Hardwood

  • Brazilian Cherry

  • Canary Wood

  • Brazilian Tiger Wood

  • Brazilian Maple

  • Brazilian Walnut

  • Patagonian Rosewood

  • Brazilian Chestnut

  • Patagonian Hickory

  • Great Deals On Odd Lots!!!!!!
    You can save up to 50% if you can catch us
    with the right square foot lot for your needs.


  • Italian Porcelain Tile

  • Marble Tile

  • Honed and Filled Travertine

  • Mosaic Tile

We have Headstalls, Harnesses, Collars,
Driving Sets and Dual Driving Sets

Exotic Hardwood

  • Brazilian Walnut ( Ipe )
    – Best Prices on the East Coast!

Other Great Stuff:

  • 25 Man Life Rafts

  • Mahogany Patterns

  • Lapis Lazuli

  • Brass Hindu Statues

  • Jute Yarn

  • Uncut Lapidary Gems

  • Marble Columns

  • Marble Statues

  • Oil-less Air Compressors

  • Indian Brass Figurines

  • Wooden Statues and Art

  • Rugs

  • Artificial Plants and Vases

  • Furniture

  • Fabric