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Allanipe Cladding for Cladding for House


I am glad that you received the photographs on the IPE treatment around the garage/front entrance of our home.

I want to thank you again for your assistance in working with us. We had been struggling with the perfect treatment for that area of our mid-century modern home. When we walked into the warehouse with our builder, we were thrilled to find the perfect amount and size of IPE channel siding. You and your team assisted us with square footage, selection and ideas - in fact, we ended our project with little to no overage.

Thanks again for your assistance. We will continue to visit Scroungers Paradise for one of a kind items that we simply can't find anywhere else.

Best regards,

Alan Williams

I want everything at Scroungers Paradise

This guy is the wire sculpturing artist who is becoming famous for his larger than life wire rabbits ridding vintage turn of the century bicycles !!!!

His prices are among others in Richard Branson' house(famous for Virgin Airlines)

Dear Mark,

Great meeting you at Paradise! I am a sculptor and artist near Asheville and I found some amazing components at Scrounger's that you can't find anywhere else for my art. It was like entering an artist's dreamworld, a Dr. Seuss's warehouse of rarities from a different world and era. Thank you for guiding us like Dante through your magical world of exotic wonders. Clearly you are an artist with your eye for the unique and beautiful. Your extensive encyclopedic knowledge of rare woods, art and ephemera was astounding and a great help in finding the perfect rarities. Amazing tropical woods I surely will never see anywhere else, carved ancient doors, stone sculptures...wow!!... We will be back very very, very soon!

Josh Cote


Customer Testimonial

Hey there Mark,

It was great to meet you and see all that rare beautiful wood that fills your warehouse. I was blown away by the amount of wood I had to choose from. Mark was fantastic and so was all of the other employees. I for sure will be headed back to scroungers paradise to scratch my wood working itch. Thanks again and see ya soon.

Mike Bush

Progress on Cosmic Doodler “Paint Your Own” Artwork

Hey Mark,

We finally had a chance to work on the painting tonight. We're about half way done. I think it looks pretty good!


New "Paint Your Own Doodle" Initiative at Scroungers Paradise!

Frank and his lady are the first participants in acquiring an Olivari original image on Russian Birch and painting their own colors for a truly beautiful piece of art!

The 2 willing participants in our initial test have a great interest in painting/coloring high end doodles and have agreed to enumerate their journey for us here at cosmic doodler as well as Scroungers.

Below are some suggestions as to their original plan and following will be a list of photos showing the original Olivari doodle black on Russina birch plywood and it's progression.(1/2"-20"x20")

The Cosmic doodler can create an original work of art but only in black lines on whatever surface (this is on Russian Birch plywood) so as to leave the majority of the colorable/paintable blank so allowing the purchaser (artist) ample room to color /paint to his liking and discretion. It becomes "your work of art" after being finished.… you choose your colors/medium to suit your space. You also are permitted to sign below the Olivari signature as this is truly been done by you and the Cosmic Doodler. This is an original piece in every sense of the word!

If anyone else would like to participate, the Cosmic Doodler can create a custom doodle to your taste and liking. Most are abstract but very beautiful and even more beautiful once you place your taste by way of color into the art piece.

If you'd like to participate give the Cosmic Doodler a call at 828-808-3617 and get that special piece of art that you have a hand in producing and coloring 100%!


Hey Mark,

We have two days under our belts working on our art project. It’s hard work using paint, but the results are worth it. We’ll keep you updated with our progress, but this is definitely a multi-week project. We’re pretty excited about what it will look like at the end. It will definitely be worth hanging on the wall.

A few notes on our process:

1.) Bought art supplies at Michael’s and a piece of scrap wood to practice our brushstrokes on. All materials ended up costing around $35, not bad. (scrap wood, 4 tubes acrylic paint, 4 paint brushes)

2.) Practiced our brushstrokes on the scrap wood and tested the paint. We chose Copper and Metallic green for the shells and Silver and Metallic Blue for the lines. Our theme is “Shells in the Waves.” We pictured the shells as oysters/barnacles and the lines as the water and sea foam.

3.) Began the painting on the main piece. The “lines” sections are much more difficult than the “shells” but all look great. We have also been using a black sharpie to go back over your lines after we finish each section. This helps to hide any mistakes we made and also darken your original lines.

4.) We’ve been listening to music while painting, and, as you can see, we started the first day outside – very peaceful. It’s been difficult work, but it is absolutely therapeutic. I’ve had two great nights of sleep even though I have a cold. It has definitely allowed me to take my mind off work and relax, not to mention that it’s valuable time spent together as a couple. This is a team effort!


Customer Testimonial

Good Morning, Mark -

Sorry I missed you when I was getting my tigerwood decking a few weeks ago, but wanted to send you a couple of snapshots I took just after our weekend rain. This is my deck in Fairview, coated with an oil-based penetrating sealer.

The tigerwood was great to work with and looks even prettier than ipe.

Now I just have to keep it looking this nice!

Thanks - and hope to see you soon!


New Cosmic Doodles!

Check out this new doodle art by the Cosmic Doodler!

We've got lots to explore at Scroungers Paradise

Whether you're a famous tool maker looking for that special piece of wood or a collector of art or one purchasing one of our rosewood treeodes: Scroungers is the place to spend some time Scrounging!

Come see us.

Only at scroungers!


Stanley Briggs visits Scroungers Paradise

Legendary WNC custom furniture maker Stanley Briggs periodically buys Hardwood plywood from Scroungers Paradise.

He's going on 89 and going strong .He picked up his plywood and was on his way !

He even consulted Frank Lloyd Wright in the early years.

Visit him at Stanley A Briggs Custom Furniture on Sweeten Creek Rd and tell him Mark from Scroungers told you about him!He surely is a living working legend!

 - MarkO

Cosmic Doodles at Scroungers Paradise

Another Cosmic Doodler purchaser and fan!

See more doodles at http://cosmicdoodler.com

Bolivian Rosewood at Scroungers Paradise

Happy Bolivian rosewood customers! Most Bolivian Rosewood selection on east coast!

Scott Meek comes to Scroungers Paradise

Popular national Artisian tool maker Scott Meek purchasing Ipe lumber at Scroungers


Satisfied buyer putting Tigerwood to good use

Scroungers Tigerwood lumber being used for exterior cabinets for outside barbecue area.  Not finished....stay tuned!!!

New Exotic Tile at Scroungers Paradise

Fusion Oxy copper-20x20-250 sq ft-$1.75 sq ft

Fusion Nickel 20x20 33 sq ft -$1.75 sq ft

Noce 20x20 2044 sq ft -$1.75 /sq ft

Tuscany Terra 2000 sq ft-$1.95 sq ft

Rust slate- 12x24-7000 sq ft -$1.75 sq ft

Tuscany Copper12 x24 -4000 sq ft-$1.95 sq ft

Cabernet 13"x13" -125 sq ft-$1.75

Zinfandel -380 sq ft -$1.75 sq ft

Merlot- 13x13 -450 sq ft -$1.75 sq ft

Cosmic Doodles!

I send a seller of plywood a few comp pieces after hearing his girlfriend

liked the doodle coloring books.


This is what I received back today (last night-11:47)  ....very excited!!


They both did a great job!!!!


See more doodles at CosmicDoodler.com


 - Mark

Customer Testimonial



Hey, Erik Davin...I purchased some Ipe from you about three years ago to build a deck for a client of mine in Jonesboro GA. About 30 min south of Atlanta.


I ran across your info again here on Atlanta Craig's list, which is where I originally saw your ad.

I remembered you being so very cordial and friendly.. It was a real pleasure to do business with you.. I was in a bit of a pinch for some 2x8 Ipe for my pergola beams, and you took care of it within a couple days.. Anyways.. The deck and pergola project is top notch, I'm refinishing it with Penofin, it looks like day one.


I'm writing this text here to say thanks for hookin' me up with the stuff I needed to build this cool project, and offer my permission to use some of the photos for whatever you like.

Put them on your website if you like as well.. People may get ideas... You never know.


There's lots of ways to build stuff, but we chose to drill and plug our Ipe with plugs we cut from our stock. There isn't a visible fastener anywhere on the deck, dock, seat, columns, pergola, or the green egg cabinet. It's a good choice for a high end look too.


I don't know, maybe you already have better pics from cooler projects, but I figured it was the least I could do, and just wish I'd sent some photos sooner..


I have my website set up temporarily to where you can save the images you think you'd want, if any, from the Decks/Additions tab. Click that, and you'll see that project up top, click and hit save image.. Or, if you prefer, I can email them in any format.


If you like, you can use my name or business name.. Or just keep it your pic. Your choice.


If you ever have a need for custom cabinetry, furniture, or unique rustic stuff, think of me. I've been working on this textured custom rustic stuff for a while... We make reactive finishes by dissolving metals in liquids, and use high end post cat lacquers etc.. Cool stuff.


Anyway. Here's a couple pics of the deck thing, and my websites are:



(where the deck pics are)





Which is more of my E-Business card these days.


So, glad to see you still got the Ipe thing rockin, and thanks for your help.





Here's a couple pics of my rustic stuff...


Comment from satisfied buyer:

Hi Mark,


See the attached photos of 2 projects I am working on using wood purchased from your store . The first (still under construction) are a coffee table and two end tables using Jatoba , Purpleheart and Ipe . The second are serving trays using Morado and Guatambu.














Big Shipment of 100% Italian Porcelain Tile!

All 100% Italian Porcelain Tile

Up to 70% off!!!!

New load just in!

Italian Porcelain ~ Travertine ~ Cheap!

Antique Roma Flaminia

(looks just like natural stone Travertine)
12x12-----------------530 sq ft--------------$1.75
18x18 ---------------885 sq ft---------------$1.75
16x24---------------1425 sq ft--------------$1.75
2x2 Mosaic ---------135 sq ft--------------$10/each (12x12)
2x4 Mosaic----------107 sq ft--------------$8/each (12x12)

Antique Roma Appia

12x12-----------516 sq ft--------------$1.75
18x18-----------450 sq ft--------------$1.75
16x24-----------500 sq ft--------------$1.75
3x12 Bullnose-241 lft.---------------$3/each
2x2 Mosaic----52 sq ft---------------$10/each (12x12)
2x4 Mosaic---175 sq ft--------------$8/each (12x12)

Antique Roma Aurella

12x12----------------1,458 sq ft ------------$1.75
18x18---------------1,288 sq ft--------------$1.75
16x24---------------- 750 sq ft-------------$1.75
3x12 Bullnose------182 sq ft-------------$3/each
2x2 Mosaic ----------54 sq ft-------------$10/each (12x12)
2x4 Mosaic-----------20 sq ft-------------$8/each (12x12)


10x10 ---------726 sq ft.-----------$1.75 sq ft
10x20 ---------220 sq ft------------$1.75 sq ft
3 x13 ---------95 lft -----------------$3/piece (Bullnose)


10x10 ----------444 sq ft------------$1.75 sq ft
10x20-----------478 sg ft -----------$1.75 sq ft
20x20-----------2,128 sq ft---------$1.75 sq ft
3x13-------------99 sq ft--------------$3/ piece (Bullnose)


10x10-------------940 sq ft------------$1.75
10x20-------------890 sq ft------------$1.75
3x13 ---------------69 sq ft-------------$3/piece (Bullnose)

Scot White

35"x6"/2565 sq ft-$1.75/sq ft
35"x2 3/4"- -$3/piece /Bullnose
12x12/. 180 sq ft-$10/sq ft (unique Mosaic)
Looks very much like Italian Carrara Marble!

Scot Grey

35"x 6"/2497 sq ft-$1.75 sq ft
35"x 2 3/4"- -$3/ piece/Bullnose 
12"x 12"/ 170"sq ft-$10 sq ft (unique Mosaic)

Silk Marfil

12"x24" / 7120 sq ft-$1.30 sq ft(must it)
24"x2 3"/4"/ 111 pieces. $3/Piece/Bullnose



31"x5"/775 sq ft-1.75 sq ft


31"x5"/1227 sq ft-$1.75 sq ft

Note: Prices are subject to change.  Please call and verify.

Check out the rest of our website for more photos and info.  Great deals here!!!!
All 100% Italian Porcelain Tile

Only at Scroungers!
Give Us A Call! 828-808-3617

Check us out on Facebook

We sell tons of other "stuff " that you'll really love.
It's truly a Scroungers Paradise!!! 

Come by... save a ton... make a friend... have a great experience!! 
See Ya, 
Mark O. 
828 808 3617 

Incredible Slabs Due Late January 2016!

Call now for details: (828) 808-3617

** Reserve your future dining room table **

Only at Scroungers!

Incredible Slabs coming January 2016 - Scroungers Paradise - Asheville, NCIncredible Slabs coming January 2016 - Scroungers Paradise - Asheville, NC

Maracatiara / Tiger Wood (goncalo alves)
Jatoba / Brazilian Cherry (hymenaea courbaril)
Ipe / Brazilian Walnut (tabebuia)

Here's our expected inventory:

Thick 2 Width in Inches Total
bundle Lth-FT 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 PCS M3
Maracatiara (Tiger Wood) 50465 21,5       1 1   2   2     6 1,818
50463 11   2 2   2 1   1 1 1   10 1,484
50464 10   1 3 1 2 1 1         9 1,176
Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) 50466 17     1       2   2 1   6 1,464
20 1     1 1   2         5 1,329
Ipe (Brazilian Walnut) 50467 10   1 1 1 2 1 1 1 2     10 1,369
50468 12   1       1   1       3 0,486
13   2   1 1 1 2         7 1,207
50469 19 1 1   1   1 1 2   2   9 2,369
14   1   1               2 0,352

African Mahogany Wood

Scroungers Alumn snatching 14'x14" piece of African mahogany....caught trying to get away before I changed my mind!(I didn't)

Customers purchasing African Mahogany at Scroungers Paradise - Asheville, NC



Mark is selling his artwork through his new website: cosmicdoodler.com. Check out his prints on Etsy and eBay. See his site for more info.


Recent Testimonial

Hi Mark

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the service you and your team provided to me when selecting hardwood flooring for my new home. We purchased the 3/4" solid Morado, and are extremely pleased with the quality. (I've attached a couple of photos from my studio.)

I look forward to my next purchase at Scrougers Paradise (whenever that may be).

All my best,
Carl Amoth


Exotic Quina Slabs

Two Scroungers Alumni pricing and admiring recent import to Scroungers: "Quina".

This wood form had never been imported into the USA until Scroungers had the kahunas to pull the trigger.

One lady on Saturday made this comment:
  "God had his hand in making this incredibly beautiful wood."

We agreed.

Only at Scroungers!!!


Brazilian Satinwood Slab Table

Danny Council (Scroungers' Alumnus) finished this beautiful Brazilian Satinwood slab from Scroungers for his daughter!

Super job!!!! How about inviting us over for dinner to break this gorgeous slab in?

Only at Scroungers!!!!!


Rustic Door on Rollers

Check out this rustic door on rollers! Made with rustic Genuine Mahogany from Scroungers Paradise!


New Climbmax climbing facility is clad in Scroungers birch plywood!


New Doodles from Mark Olivari



Find things to re-purpose at Scroungers Paradise!

Cindy Wynn's re-purposed furniture - material bought from Scroungers Paradise - Asheville, NC

Cindy Wynn has an artistic eye for re-purposing things, and she made the most of her time at Scroungers this weekend: check out this unique furniture she made with material bought at Scroungers.

Cindy also has a website! Check it out: iamfurniture.com


Exotic Brazilian Round Slabs Just In (and going fast!)

This incredible wooden slab of Brazilian Satinwood is this young lady's ultimate kitchen Island dream come true.

We have 5 left with this type design. (2 larger and 3 about the same size)

To have a slab with such a unique design is quite rare...... 99% of South American mills would never venture to cut a tree this way as their saws are intended to saw straight lumber, not rounded slabs.

Rounded slabs would have to be cut and fed perpendicular to the saw (which is the least profitable manner to cut logs - requiring twice the space and 3 times the man power!)

......and even if they could cut this way, there are very few trees that would yield this type of incredible slab in terms of circumference and oscillating patterns as you go around the perimeter.

All these factors make these desk/kitchen island/bar slabs some of the most unique slabs you will ever see or have a chance to purchase. These slabs we estimate to be approx 300 years old!

We also have a limited supply of Brazilian Satinwood cut normally if you wanted and island dinning room table combo - (wow!)

Limited supply ........only at Scroungers (prices vary on size and proportion)

By the look on this lady's face the price was right!


Take a Virtual Tour!

In September, we had Google Maps come in and set up a virtual tour for us. Check it out here: http://bit.ly/1LtwIEB

Brazilian Lacewood Slabs in the most beautiful and unique dimensions!

Perfect for the one-of-a-kind desk for the most eclectic and important person in the world!!!!!

Brazillian Lacewood Slabs - Thick Exotic Wooden Tabletop

These are up to 6" thick and can accommodate almost all the toys any high end executive has on their desk today.

We will try to finish one for the crowd, but that will sell much higher.

Slabs starting at $1500..... super cheap for such a unique and exotic piece of wood!

We have a few of these that just came in...... just imagine what type of tree and how many trunks made this happen. These slabs probably came from a tree that was over 300 or more years old!

Call Mark at (828) 808-3617 for more info.




Beautiful Khabukalli Deck - Wood Purchased from Scroungers!

Beautiful Khabukalli deck made with wood from Scroungers Paradise Beautiful Khabukalli deck made with wood from Scroungers Paradise Beautiful Khabukalli deck made with wood from Scroungers Paradise

$$$ - New Updated Pricing on Un-finished Flooring at Scroungers!

Shocking New Prices at Scroungers on Flooring!

We've just updated our pricing on Pre-finished flooring!  Check it out:

Bead Board is in!

Aruaco(TM) Beaded Board Aruaco(TM) Beaded Board Aruaco(TM) Beaded Board

2"OC Arauco Bead Board is finally in and we're selling cheap!

In Quantity:

Arauco Exterio 3/8" 4x8:  from $19 down

Arauco Beaded Board Exterior 3/4" 4x8:  $29.75

First come first serve .

You have been bugging me for over 6 months so here it is!!!!!!!!!

Purple Heart has returned!

Purple heart is back in the warehouse in boards and unbelievable slabs. Prices down from our last shipment, now starting at $6 a board foot!

Looking to buy bulk? There’s no telling what sort of deal Mark may make.

Call 828 808 3617 or come on down to Scrounger’s at 9 Hickman Drive.

Purple Heart Purple Heart

Ipe Decking / Brazilian Walnut Decking – BEST PRICES on East Coast!

Also: Ipe Dimensional Lumber – Best prices around! 5/4″ X 8″, 10″, 12″, 4″ X 4″, 2″ x 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ – CHECK US OUT!

We also periodically purchase large lots of other Brazilian hardwood decking at INCREDIBLE PRICES!

Buy Original Artwork from Mark Olivari, Owner, Scrounger’s Paradise!

Olivari Art



Just in: khabukalli Decking 5/4x6

Edge Groove(hidden fasteners)

Beautiful and a great south american hardwood alternative to ipe decking. Starting at $3.00 lft! Lengths now are 12′ thru 23′. A steal while supplies last!

Purple Heart is in the warehouse now!

8/4″ and 5/4 ” Purple Heart. Starting at $6 a board ft! Super purple. Super strong. Super unique! Look at dimensions! Serious stuff Only at Scroungers!

Aspidosperma – slabs, lumber

10′-$850. 16′-$1400. Discounts on multiple pieces. Most pieces are approx 3″ thick and averaging 33″ to 36″ wide.

IPE Slabs

Natural Edge

Unfinished – $5700 (40″ x 17’1″ x 2 1/4″)

Finished – $8100 (40″ x 17’1″ x 2 1/4″)

Square Edge

Unfinished – $3100 – 16’9″ x 36″ x 2 1/4″ (sanded face)


Unfinished – $2500 – 48″ x 15’5″ x 2 1/4″

Unfinished – $2300 – 36″ x 17′ x 2 1/4″

Asheville Exotic Lumber

New Lumber! Ipe, Cedar, Mahogany, Cumaru, Coffee Wood, and more!

Asheville Plywood

Plywood with prices you can’t believe!

White Birch 3/8" 4x8

White Birch 3/8" 4x8


White Birch 1/2" 4x8

White Birch 1/2" 4x8


White Birch 5/8" 4x8

White Birch 5/8" 4x8


Red Birch 3/4" 4x8

Red Birch 3/4" 4x8


Birch 4/8" 26.5 ft (cut)

Birch 4/8" 26.5 ft (cut)


Birch 1/4" Pre-finished

Birch 1/4" Pre-finished


Birch (Cabinet Grade) 3/4"

Birch (Cabinet Grade) 3/4"


Birch 5/8" 28.5 ft (cut)

Birch 5/8" 28.5 ft (cut)


Oak (Cabinet Grade) 3/4"

Oak (Cabinet Grade) 3/4"


Red Oak 1/2"

Red Oak 1/2"


White Birch (WPF) 1/4" 4x8

White Birch (WPF) 1/4" 4x8


Peg Board 1/4

Peg Board 1/4"


Birch (Bendable Plywood) 3/8"

Birch Bendable Plywood) 3/8"


Okume 3/16"

Okume 3/16"


Luan (Exterior) 1/4"

Luan (Exterior) 1/4"


Luan 1/8"

Luan 1/8"


Meranti 1/8" 4x7

Meranti 1/8" 4x7


Birch 1/4" 4x4

Birch 1/4" 4x4


Russian Birch 1/4" 4x4

Russian Birch 1/4" 4x4


Russian Birch (WPF) 1/2" 5x5

Russian Birch (WPF) 1/2" 5x5


Russian Birch 1/4" 4x8

Russian Birch 1/4" 4x8


Luan 1/2" 4x8

Luan 1/2" 4x8


White Birch (Pre-finished Double Sided) 3/4" 4x8

White Birch (Pre-finished Double Sided) 3/4" 4x8


White Poplar (WPF-UViSD, Pre-finished on one side) 3/4" 4x8

White Poplar (WPF-UViSD, Pre-finished on one side) 3/4" 4x8


Luan / Agathis 1/4" 4x8

Luan / Agathis 1/4" 4x8


OSB 7/16" 4x8

OSB 7/16" 4x8


Birch 1/4" 4x8

Birch 1/4" 4x8


Beaded Board

Aruaco(TM) Beaded Boards (Exterior) - 3/8" x 4x8


Come and Get it!

Come see our new exotic hardwood flooring!



Topographical Maps on Archival Paper (Forever!)

What a simple but impressive gift and for only $3.00! Make a substantial impression for just pennies – a gift for the person who is proud of where they are from. A piece of history that is no longer produced. Topographical Maps on Archival Paper with fine details that will impress any friend or family member. How thoughtful of a gift as opposed to the typical “get that Christmas present out of the way attitude”.

A $3.00 gift that will be looked at daily! And the giver will not be forgotten!

“When you go to paradise, you can rest assured your wallet is relaxing too.”

Red Flooring
White Marble Statue of Woman Lying Down
Black Abstract Marble Statue
Gray Abstract Marble Statue
Gray Marble Table

Exotic Hardwood Flooring

If you know exotic flooring and follow those markets, you will clearly see that our prices along with quality beat all prices around! The reason?: We are direct importers and travel frequently to assess and purchase large lots of exotic flooring and decking. Usually all of these species that are offered herein are 25% to 50% higher elsewhere and possibly do not have the quality of our offered flooring. With the rising local Domestic Woods prices, maybe it’s time to look at exotic flooring as an alternative.

Exotic Hardwood Decking


Miniature Horse Tack

Other Great Stuff!